Outfitting Campaign—Kick-off Donation Received


Great News!  We have received a generous gift of $50,000 to kick-off our campaign to equip the new Center for the Arts!  Please join this donor by matching this gift with a donation of any amount by the end of January.  Every dollar counts!  Help us get the Center outfitted sooner rather than later.


For a fully functional Center and a full season of concerts, plays, dance, exhibits and more, here is what we need:


1.  Movable Risers & Seating:  $95,000


2.  Theater Sound and Lighting Equipment:  $200,000


3.  Acoustic Paneling/Rigging & Drapery:   $30,000


4.  Scissor Lift:   $10,000


5.  Cinema Projection & Screen(s):   $50,000


6.  Computers:  $3,000:


7.  Office Furniture:  $1,000


8.  Concession Equipment:  $1,500


9.  Portable Dance Floor:  $20,000


10.  Grand Piano: $80,000


Our total outfitting goal is $500,000.  Let’s make a dent in the total by the end of January!  Every dollar counts so do what you can to help!







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Be A Part Of The Art!