• MAY 2017


    Center for the Arts at Kayenta was dedicated on May 5th, 2017.  Ivins City Mayor Chris Hart dedicated the center during a red carpet event for sponsors and donors to the Capital Campaign that ended on 12/31/16.  The center is still in need of seating, lighting, sound equipment and other aspects necessary for full theatrical and musical performances, but a number of events are scheduled for the new space.


    The dedication ceremony was featured in The Spectrum.

  • MAY 2017


    Center for the Arts at Kayenta

    It’s Official!


    The Kayenta Arts Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have secured our Certificate of Occupancy!   With this, we will be able to officially use our beautiful new venue. With great excitement, we are in the process of planning for our fall Grand Opening of the Lorraine Boccardo Theatre, located in the Center for the Arts.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to the Capital Campaign making the construction of the Center a reality.


    As the finishing touches are being put into place, a specially created donor wall to acknowledge individual donations is being installed this week!  Additionally, individual plaques for selected Naming Opportunities are being installed.  The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following named spaces which have been made possible through generous gifts.


    Center for the Arts at Kayenta


    Lorraine Boccardo



    Judy & Tim Terrell

    Main Lobby


    Roger & Marilyn Lorberbaum

    Carol Ann Stahl



    Bonnie & Roger Head

    West Gallery


    Celebration Court in tribute to

    Terry Marten & Matt Marten


    Box Office made possible by a generous gift from

    Pat & Homer Kearns


    Director’s Office made possible by a generous gift from

    Pam & Brent Layton


    Dressing Room made possible by a generous gift from

    Patti Culpepper

    Matt Marten & John Yohman


    Dressing Room made possible by a generous gift from

    Ann Guhman

    Jane Blackwell & Bruce Schroder


    Orchestra Performance Area made possible by a generous gift from

    Donna & David Howell


    Bar & Concession made possible by a generous gift from

    Mary & Doug Bennett


    Tad Swaner Plaza Green

    Donated by Dr. Paula M. Swaner PhD., Sumner Swaner and Paula Swaner Sargetakis in memory of their son and brother, Tad Swaner, who loved nature and walking among the landscapes throughout the Intermountain West of North America.


    Thanks to all and please continue to Be A Part Of The Art!

  • APRIL 2017


    Kayenta Arts Foundation’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce two new members to the organization.  Please welcome Jan Broberg as Executive Director of Kayenta Arts Foundation and Micah Thompson as Facility Manager for the Center for the Arts.


    Jan Broberg.   If Jan’s name sounds familiar to some of you, it may be because she was a long time resident of Santa Clara and Executive Director of the St. George Musical Theatre from May, 2003 through February 2007.  In this role, Jan oversaw and coordinated fundraising, donor relations, show development and production, marketing and more.  Since leaving St. George in 2010, Jan worked in a variety of live theatre venues, as well as in casting in Los Angeles while continuing her vibrant acting career.  Having completed several passion projects that are being entered into the current film festival circuit, Jan decided to return to her roots and family in Santa Clara.  Jan’s main KAF responsibilities for the next 6 months are public relations, fundraising, and artistic/creative oversight and coordination, including the fall opening of the Black Box Theatre.   Jan’s vivacious and passionate personality will help KAF continue its Mission and achieve its Vision. KAF is proud to welcome her as its first Executive Director and looks forward to introducing her in person to all of you at the fall opening of the Black Box Theatre or before.





    Micah Thompson.   Not only is Micah’s experience in construction invaluable to the general role of Facility Manager, more specifically, he was the Project Superintendent on construction of the Center for the Arts.   KAF had several viable candidates for its Facility Manager position, but Micah’s interest in the position was a most pleasant surprise. His response to KAF was a thoughtful analysis of the job responsibilities and a realistic estimate of the time required for this part-time, anything-but-regular-hours position. A resident of Ivins, Micah’s scheduling flexibility, knowledge of every inch of the CFA, and positive relations with those who worked on the Center made him the outstanding applicant.  Micah will oversee all physical aspects of the CFA, assuring it is ready for any event.  Micah currently is busy getting KAF to the final stages of its Certificate of Occupancy and arranging for ongoing maintenance and supplies.  KAF could not have asked for a better member of its new management team.  Please introduce yourself if you see Micah around the Center.




    KAF’s ability to engage Jan and Micah comes at a most opportune time.  The skills and commitment of Jan and Micah will enable events in the Center to start to take place throughout the spring and summer months and provide the expertise needed for the opening of the Black Box Theatre in October.  Lots going on—all good!



    Winter-Spring 2017


    Our Mission: To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse

       artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.



    “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

                                 ~  Nelson Mandela




    It’s built!

    Let the outfitting begin…



    Center Stage


    Center for the Arts – Outfitting Campaign


    With the Capital Campaign closed at the end of 2016, we have embarked on our Outfitting Campaign.  The Center is up, but we require many items before it can be a functioning venue – please check our website for a list of outfitting needs.  A generous $50,000 donation provided a wonderful start towards our $500,000 goal, and we have raised another $16,350 since January 1st. due in large part to the Open House and the Take A Seat effort. Looking more closely, this means we are at about 38% of our goal for chairs; risers are fully funded; and we are over halfway to the amount needed for acoustical panels.   In all, you have given over 13% of our $500,000 goal in less than two months!  Your support is overwhelming and deeply appreciated – what we have accomplished together, as a community, is extraordinary.


    NOTE:  For those who participate in the Take A Seat campaign, we will contact you to get the exact wording and spelling of your chair plaque as we get closer to ordering the chairs. We appreciate your patience.


    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts


    As of February 17th, the glass panels to the second level technical booth, on order for about two months, have been installed. The CO still will require the parking lot to be lined-out and handicapped parking signs in place, but the Center has been inspected throughout its construction, and we are confident the CO is coming soon.



    Behind the Scenes


    Just because there is a building, does not mean we are done!  Much is going on behind the scenes.  First and foremost a huge thank you to the Kayenta volunteers:  Mary Beth and David Beck, Kathi Fox, Peggy Hackney, Gwen Harrington, Bonnie Head, John and Kristin Hunt, Mary and Allan Juers, Pam and Brent Layton, Chet and Ramon Malokowski, Julie Peacock, and Tara Atkin who worked tirelessly to produce the January 28th Open House. As always, Matt Marten added his designer’s eye.  With the glorious desert sun shining, these volunteers and KAF’s Board of Directors welcomed a steady stream of visitors (we estimate about 1,000).  Many had not seen the Center before and were amazed by the size and design.  This event also kicked off the Take A Seat effort by which designated donations can be made for chairs, and donors may choose to have a small plague on the chair in honor/memory of someone.  Several couples found donating for a chair in each other’s name was a nice Valentine’s gift (healthier than chocolate!).  Take A Seat information is available at


    January starts the terms of new members of KAF’s Board of Directors. We sadly said goodbye to Directors Tim Terrell and John Baker whose terms expired.   We welcomed David Barish (Treasurer), Ted Hoffman, Susan Holben, and Larissa Sah to the Board.   Jane Blackwell stepped down as Treasurer. We thank her for her tireless efforts and are pleased she remains on the Board. With twelve Directors, we have adopted a committee structure to assure efficient and effective use of everyone’s valuable time.   Although each committee requires at least one Director, committees may tap the wealth of knowledge and experience in Kayenta and surrounding communities to assist with specific projects or events.


    We continue to reach out to communities beyond Kayenta.   Lila Emmer, a SunRiver resident, took on the task of organizing an evening of food, drink and music at the beautiful home of her friend Gloria Davis.  Three KAF Directors gave a brief presentation on KAF, the Center, our education efforts and our fundraising to approximately 30 SunRiver residents.   Donna Howell organized a silent auction, and the evening introduced new friends and netted over $2,000 for the Outfitting Campaign.  If you would like to organize a similar event outside of Kayenta or within, please contact Judith at



    Coming Attractions


    March 11th:   BERTOLT BRECHT’S “ANTIGONE” (as adapted and translated by American political theatre artist, Judith Malina) a Staged Reading followed by an Open Forum Discussion between actors and audience. Room For Thought in Kayenta Art Village; $5 tickets at the door only; seating limited to 45; time 7 p.m., doors open at 6:30.


    March 31st:   Bach and Friends: A Celebration. Celebrate Bach’s birthday with a piano-‘cello-viola concert and light refreshments in a private Kayenta home: a concert with our Directors Susan Talley and Larissa Sah joined by Jason Sah and Ka-Wai Yu. Tickets are advance purchase only at $30 and $10 for students with student ID and minors accompanied by an adult.  Seating is limited for this event. As with other in-home concerts, the address will be provided after tickets are purchased.


    April 29th and 30th:   KAF presents its 7th annual Street Painting Festival. Free and open to the public, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



    Recent Events


    January 7th:   Cellist Tido Janssen and pianist Stacy Kwak traveled from Texas to entertain with a program of beautiful music and background information.  The beautiful home of Eve Wetten provided the perfect setting for this evening.


    January 28th:   Open House (see above)


    February 21st:   New Horizons: Pluto and Beyond   Sixty persons were enthralled and educated by Kayenta resident and astronomer Ron Smith’s lecture.  The overwhelming feedback was “more of the same,” so KAF is working with Ron for more “astronomical” lectures this year and next.



    Director’s Chair:


    This month’s Director’s letter is coming to you from Judy & Tim Terrell, former members of the KAF Board of Directors.  Like so many of our neighbors and friends, when we first experienced Kayenta we were struck by the splendor of the magnificent red cliffs setting and the way the development blended into the natural landscape.  Discovering the Coyote Gulch Art Village (as it was known at the time) with its galleries, artist studios and the Outdoor Theatre was another pleasant surprise, and it was evident that this was a community where all of the arts converged - the natural wonders, visual arts, and performing arts.  We decided then that it was the type of community we wanted to settle in after retirement.  When we moved to Kayenta four years ago, Judy was immediately recruited to the Kayenta Arts Foundation to work on the 2013 Street Painting Festival, and we were thrilled to see the outpouring of enthusiasm and support from the community.  Tim decided to apply to become a member of the KAF Board the following year.  When asked what his agenda was, he replied simply that he felt KAF was doing good things for the community and surrounding area by expanding the diversity of the arts, and he wanted to help make that happen.  We both consider it a great privilege to have had the opportunity to serve the community in that role.


    We shared the vision and determination of the other KAF Directors and so many members of the community to see the construction of the Center for the Arts at Kayenta, and it is so rewarding to see that vision come to fruition.  It is the support, generosity and diligent work of the people in the community that has made this possible.  And, although the mission of the Kayenta Arts Foundation is to expand access to the diverse arts throughout southern Utah and adjacent areas, clearly the Kayenta community will benefit the most from the presence of the Center for the Arts in the village. This state of the art facility will help to further define Kayenta as a community with an appreciation of the arts.



    KAF 2017 Board of Directors


    David Barish (Treasurer)             Susan Holben                                 Matt Marten

    Jane Blackwell                             Donna Howell (Vice Chair)             Greg Ragland

    Liisa Frei                                      Kayla Koeber                                  Larissa Sah

    Ted Hoffman                                Judith Kapuscinski (Chair)              Susan Talley (Secretary)



    From the editor: As always we treasure your input, suggestions, concerns and ideas and hope to hear from you!




    Be A Part Of The Art!

  • OCTOBER 2016


    October 17, 2016


    On October 6th, we announced a 3-to-1 challenge offered by a group of KAF supporters: donations up to $100,000 received by December 31st would be matched by $300,000.


    Congratulations – you met the Challenge and $100,000 has been received!

    Thank you to our Challengers and Supporters; you are amazing.

    This challenge brought $400,000 to the building fund.


    We now are on the final leg to a Certificate of Occupancy, with work proceeding as supplies and equipment arrive.   The amazing response to the Challenge in donations and pledges has also put us on our way to outfitting the Center.  What a great way to end 2016!


    New donations that are received now will go toward outfitting of the building

    so we can begin to utilize the new Center in 2017.



    With much gratitude, thank you.

  • FALL/WINTER 2016


    FALL-WINTER 2016


    Our Mission: To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse

                            artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.



    “The winds of grace are always blowing, it is for us to raise our sails.”

                                 ~ Ramakrishna



    And raise them we did, as an arts and human community, over the Art in Kayenta weekend in October.


    We can never orchestrate those moments when a spark ignites, embers turn to flame, deep connection occurs and grace fills the room.  At AIK’s Friday night Patron’s Party honoring all Center supporters large and small, a special mix of good people with fine hearts gathered and magic appeared.


    Matt thought of it, KAF sponsored it, Terry and crew worked feverishly to provide an almost finished space for it.  Victoria catered it, Deanna decorated it, and so many of you attended it.  Cheryl and Gary captained it – launching us with the community art project the week before.  That night they spoke from their hearts, and with tears in their eyes, of their passion for the arts and commitment to community and we responded.


    Many needed dollars were contributed to finish the Center – thank you greatly – but more significant was how they were raised.  Donors vied raucously to bid up the price of the community painting, shared Center naming opportunities with brand new friends and chose to purchase Gary Collins’ donated, KAF inspired oil painting collectively to keep the beautiful piece at the Center and enjoyed by all.


    Hands were raised, clapped, held and clasped in excitement as we celebrated, ultimately, how we are all in this together.  We realized our collective passion, resources and energy are a force far bigger than the sum of our individual parts.  We understood that while, yes, we are building a magnificent home for diverse arts in Southern Utah, what we truly seek is simply each other and to share the finest part in each of us, our humanity.


    In this holiday season, we extend to each of you our profound gratitude.  It is an honor to voyage with you on the winds of grace.


    Center Stage


    Center for the Arts – the Capital Campaign Committee


    Major investors were asked, at a recent gathering, why they chose to support the Center for the Arts in such a significant way.  The results were varied: a passion to educate; world class performances here at home; learning early on if a community wants something, you pitch in and make it happen; thought provoking discussions; an enlightened community.  The common theme was best articulated by one generous family quoting their father, Max Lessner:  “When you have a dollar, you must save 50 cents and then spend 50 cents to buy a flower for your soul”.   Thank you for Max and to each of you who have stepped up (yet again) as we head toward the finish line.


    We are pleased to announce that we have completed the Capital Campaign for the construction phase of the Center!  We raised more than $400,000 in the past few weeks.  Special thanks to our supporters who generously offered $300,000 as a “3 to 1 Challenge” and to our grass-roots donors who stepped up to the challenge donating the additional $100,000 that got the job done!  As we approach the completion of the Center, we now look forward to outfitting the building with furniture, equipment, lighting, sound, seating/risers and projection.


    At this time, we would like to thank our Capital Campaign Committee for all the hours of volunteered time to make our fundraising a success!  For over a year, they hosted house parties, made food, poured wine, licked stamps and made personal contributions of time and money to this project.  We would not be where we are today without your commitment and generosity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



    Center for the Arts Campaign Committee


    Honorary Co-Chairs        Ivins Mayor Chris Hart and DeAnne Hanson

    Co-Chairs                        Matt Marten and Doug Bennett

    Committee Members       Mary Bennett, Jane Blackwell, Roger Head, Donna Howell, Kayla Koeber


    Please contact us to schedule a Center for the Arts work in progress tour, share your ideas or contribute (much needed, thank you) dollars



    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts


    The last quarter of 2016 has been a blur of activity at the construction site, substantially finishing construction before the Art In Kayenta festival at the beginning of October.  Work continues in these last weeks of 2016, bringing us closer to our Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.).  The balance of work that is in progress includes:  painting, electrical trim, lighting, plumbing fixtures, air conditioning equipment, cabinetry, glass, and door hardware.  Other related projects that are critical to the completion of construction (but are frequently overlooked) include: additional parking spaces, signs, pavement, exterior lights for safety and a dedicated dumpster yard.  Once we secure the C.O. from Ivins City Building Department, KAF will be able to safely occupy the building.  We hope to announce the date soon!



    Behind the Scenes


    This year has been one of much “behind the scenes.” Donors from Kayenta and beyond made this one of, if not the, most successful fundraising years; we are so grateful to you with special thanks to those who came forward with the 3-to-1 Challenge.  The Capital Campaign Committee initiated solicitations to numerous businesses and supported fundraising activities.  Terry Marten and all contractors and subs working on the new Center put in exhausting hours to get the Center ready for tours during AIK, and continue long hours as we approach a Certificate of Occupancy.


    Sixty-one individuals worked over 230 hours filling 121 volunteer slots to again make AIK a success; similarly, volunteers worked diligently during the Street Painting Festival; Mother Nature helped with both!


    Special thanks to Roger and Bonnie Head for the Ha-wine Luau, to Kathi Fox and Holly Ragland for help with graphics and social media, to Cheryl and Gary Collins for organizing the community painting and to Gary for the beautiful abstract that will hang prominently in the Center.   Special thanks also to our behind the scenes year-round and event staff: Jim Keeley (Logistics Coordinator), Marchelle Lundquist (webmaster), Rob Short (audio technician), Tami Hlvaka (AIK Artist Liaison,) Ben Booth (Volunteer Coordinator) and Lisa Zumpft (Festival Music Coordinator).   Overseeing and developing all of KAF’s activities has been the amazing KAF Board of Directors. Without persons willing to serve as Directors and roll up their sleeves to get things done, often without recognition, KAF would not be the viable entity it is.


    To all, THANK YOU.



    Announcement from KAF’s Chair


    Friends come and go, and we are saddened to announce that Kyle Lewis has resigned his position with KAF, but will be remaining here in Ivins in an expanded position at Tuacahn High School.  We are saddened by Kyle's resignation. He worked diligently for us, often unseen, and enabled KAF to continue with events throughout the year. We were hopeful that the change in Kyle's position at Tuacahn High School would be compatible with his responsibilities as our Creative Director, knowing that we could not offer a position equivalent to that offered by the school. We appreciate his honest and forthcoming assessment of what he could offer and his suggestions for how to move forward. We wish him the best and look forward to his assistance as may be feasible in the future.  Now, in his own words:

    I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving my position as Creative Director for Kayenta Arts Foundation.  Although I have enjoyed working with you and the members of this organization, my role as Artistic Director for Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts necessitates that I vacate my position and focus on my increased responsibilities as an Administrator at Tuacahn.

    My final day will be September 30, 2016. Despite having to leave, I deeply appreciate the opportunities you’ve provided me during my time with KAF. I am very grateful for all of your assistance along the way and I will do whatever necessary to ensure a smooth transition after I move on. Please do not hesitate to be in touch about what I can do to help.

    Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity to serve Kayenta Arts Foundation. I do hope that we can stay in touch, I look forward to the opening of the new Center and to working with you again in the future should the opportunity present itself.  Many thanks for your understanding.



               Kyle Lewis


    ​Coming Attractions


    ​December 3rd:  St George Chamber Singers at the Veterans Home of Southern Utah.  This hour-long concert will feature a piece by Menotti’s Unicorn followed by holiday music. Advance purchase tickets only. Tickets are $15 and are available at  Doors open at 6:00 p.m.


    December 10th:   Petite Feast Dinner Club is a private dinner party hosted by Chef Victoria Topham to benefit KAF.  Starting at 5:00 p.m. a multi-course dinner with wine (for those over 21) will follow a special cocktail and hors d’oevres hour. Seating is limited. Reservations are needed and can be made at


    January 7th:  Piano-Cello concert with light refreshments in private Kayenta home.  Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Additional information and tickets ($50) will be available at in December.



    Recent Events


    October 7th, 8th, 9th:  Kayenta Art Village was a alive with talented artists and their works, musicians of various genres,  tasty foods ranging from Asian to Mexican, the ever popular beer and wine garden, a silent auction and tours of the Center. This year’s layout of the Festival was well received.


    November 5th:  Roger and Bonnie Head again hosted a fun-filled evening of food and wine. Tickets for this event sold out very quickly.  All present enjoyed testing their palettes and knowledge as wines ranging in value from $20 to $90 a bottle were poured.


    November 12th:  From 6-8 p.m. Harmons hosted a Party on the Patio. Although this was not a KAF event, Harmons permitted a silent auction to benefit the Foundation.  Roger and Bonnie Head worked tirelessly to coordinate the auction which brought in over a $1000.  To the Heads and Harmons, a big Thank You.


    November 18th:  The talent of classical guitarist David Andersen was showcased at the beautiful home of Pam and Brent Layton.  The setting, the music and the company made for a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving evening.  Even with the new Center, intimate concerts in beautiful homes may be a staple of KAF programming.



    Director’s Chair


    My name is Greg Ragland.  I serve on the Kayenta Board of Directors with great pride. I am a relatively new resident of Ivins, relocating my studio three years ago.  I find the incredible light, clean air, and the natural surroundings inspirational to life and work.  As a working artist I believe that the arts enrich life. The arts provide new viewpoints that can entertain, make us laugh and make us cry.  They give us time to reflect on positive and difficult subjects.  Sometimes the arts pose questions that may only be answered by each viewer. The arts ask us to participate using skills of exploration, discovery, knowledge, surprise, opinion, and emotion.  Throughout human history the arts have been a cornerstone, communicating to us through language, writing, paintings, sculptures, stories, music, song, and theater.


    My goal for our new Center for the Arts is to continue this historical path and provide the public the opportunity to experience the arts in our new venue. I believe that art defines the culture we live in and I enjoy being a part of that definition. I hope that you will stand with me and support the Center for the Arts in creating a gathering point where the highest quality artistic experience may be presented to our little corner of the world.


    Safe and Happy Holidays!



    KAF 2016 Board of Directors

             John Baker                                 Kayla Koeber

             Jane Blackwell (Treasurer)        Matt Marten

             Liisa Frei                                    Greg Ragland

             Donna Howell (Vice Chair)        Susan Talley (Secretary)

             Judith Kapuscinski (Chair)         Tim Terrell



    From the editor: As always we treasure your input, suggestions, concerns and ideas and hope to hear from you!  Kayla



    Be A Part Of The Art!

  • FALL/SUMMER 2016


    Summer/Fall 2016


    Our Mission: To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse

                              artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.



    “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

                                                                   ​​​​​~Pablo Picasso


    No doubt about it … summer has been hot, sometimes smoky and yes, a bit dusty; literally and spiritually.  While the wearying heat sends many fleeing to cooler climes, there are unexpected gifts, tender mercies, for those of us who stay:  magic moments like the once in a blue, strawberry moon rising over West Temple, the predawn desert hush, a cool breeze on an early morning hike, falling asleep, windows wide open, to coyotes singing in the distance.


    At KAF, we seek to provide respite, inspiration and magic no matter the season of your day to day life.  The note we received back from Sara after this summer’s Poetry Under the Stars, another unexpected gift of the season, expresses it best:


    Last night was magical.  Once the tears came I was gone!  It was such raw emotion.  I felt everyone was moved.  I held my breath when I ordered the tickets.  I worried Nate wouldn’t come with me but he was enthralled!  He loved it!  This has opened up a new world of culture for us!  We will be supporters! Great work you do.  I will work on that million!!


    Thank you, Sara, for reminding us why this long, sometimes difficult journey toward a true diverse arts community in Southern Utah matters.  Your joy, as echoed by so many of our supporters, reminds us what we seek and why.  Forward!





    Center Stage


    Center for the Arts – the Capital Campaign Committee

    Our Capital Campaign Committee has been feverishly working on raising funds for the new building over the past 10 months.  Our plan is a three pronged approach: First, continued work with our grassroots supporters and key investors who shared the goal and vision from the beginning.  Second, outreach to our local businesses that find value in the support and growth of our southern Utah arts community. Third, develop and maintain relationships with Utah foundations that support non-profit organizations in the areas of the arts and education.


    While we would all like the fund raising to be completed, “patience and diligence” is the name of this game.  Even with a well outlined strategy, we can only push rope so fast!  Our grassroots and key supporters have wonderfully funded the project to this point.  Our businesses are now stepping up and will help us take the next steps forward, and we are continuing to develop our relationships with amazing Utah foundations that will help us fulfill our mission.


    In June, anticipated funds from two foundations: Eccles and Sorensen did not come through this time around.  Obviously disappointed, we have been encouraged to reapply. (See “Behind the Scenes below.) As a relatively new organization, KAF continues to develop relationships around the region that will help us meet our goals.


    The good news is: right now, we are only $400,000 away from reaching our goal to finish the building and gain our Certificate of Occupancy!  This seems doable.  We can then continue to raise funds for the outfitting of the building over time.


    The Capital Campaign Committee has continued individual and personalized outreach to our key supporters and is furthering that reach to our local businesses.  We have held several house parties to educate donors on our progress.  We have completed campaign-by-mail initiatives and will resubmit grant applications to the Eccles and Sorensen Foundations.


    During the coming Art In Kayenta Festival, we will offer tours of the construction site and provide more information on our wish list to complete the interior with seating, risers, lighting, projection and sound equipment.


    If you have an idea to help our fundraising efforts along or if you are willing to jump on this bandwagon let us know.  We are so close to getting this done!


    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts

    Center for the Arts Construction has continued diligently throughout the summer, and we are pleased to announce that we are nearing completion of the building and close to achieving our Certificate of Occupancy. After the electrical wiring was completed in July, the insulation began right away, interior and exterior doors have been fitted and the installation of sheet rock and wood sheathing is now complete.  The grey coat of the exterior plaster has been finished and work on the plaza has begun. The target is to have a fair amount of the exterior completed by the Art In Kayenta festival this October!


    The Certificate of Occupancy is pending the completion of the painting, electrical trim which includes switches, outlets and lighting fixtures.  It also depends on the installation of plumbing fixtures and finishes.  Lastly, the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment will need to be installed.  Fundraising continues in order to finish this phase.


    Matt Marten 435-668-0639


    Center for the Arts Campaign Committee


    Honorary Co-Chairs​​                                     Ivins Mayor Chris Hart and DeAnne Hanson

    Co-Chairs​​​                                                     Matt Marten and Doug Bennett

    Committee Members​​                                    Mary Bennett, Jane Blackwell, Roger Head,

                                                                         Donna Howell, Kayla Koeber


    Please contact us to schedule a Center for the Arts work in progress tour,

    share your ideas or contribute (much needed, thank you) dollars!


    Behind the Scenes

    Grants:  Our previously reported effort to partner with Ivins City in submission of an Our Town grant application to the National Endowment for the Arts has been put on hold.  With Ivins new Arts Commission just getting going, we determined a better approach is to see what ideas bubble up from the Commission and its activities as more grass roots proposals have a better chance of funding.

    We submitted applications to Beasley, Sorenson, and Eccles foundations.  We received a $5,000 donation from Beasley. We were informed by the Sorenson Legacy Foundation that its 2016 funds had been committed, but we were welcome to resubmit for 2017.  We will resubmit by December 1st to be eligible for first quarter 2017 funding. The Eccles Foundation wants to see that we have exhausted local businesses in our fundraising efforts.  Once we do so, we have been invited to contact the Foundation for resubmission.

    As we enter the fall, RAP tax funding cycles begin.  We again will seek funding from Washington County, Ivins City, and Santa Clara; each funded us in 2016.


    Marketing:  Look for an article on Kayenta and KAF in the September-October issue of View on Mesquite and Southern Utah magazine.  With a readership extending from south of Mesquite to Cedar City, this magazine will introduce us to the broader audience we see as our target area.


    Arts Chat:  Kyle Lewis, KAF’s Creative Director and Donna Howell, KAF’s Vice Chair, hosted an Arts Chat at the Sun River community in June, providing information on KAF and the new CFA and soliciting thoughts/ideas from the attendees. Issues raised included concern that Kayenta’s protection of the night sky makes it difficult for non-residents to see their way out of the community at night.  We are considering ways to address this issue as we look to the opening of the CFA.


    Outreach, Connections and Partnerships: Over the past few months, we have been working with southern Utah institutions such as Dixie State University, Washington County School District, Southern Utah University and other performing groups all over the state to explore partnering opportunities for programing and the use of the new Center.  These initial discussions reveal exciting possibilities for performance and educational opportunities for students, professionals and the general public.


    Coming Attractions

    For information & tickets please visit the events page.  See you there!


    September 8-10, 15-17, 22-24:  David Mamet’s Oleanna is an examination of political correctness, academic politics and sexual harassment. KAF is pleased to present this thought-provoking production directed by Douglas Caputo and starring Richard Hill and Christa Gross.


    October 7th - 9th:  Art In Kayenta—KAF’s annual juried art festival, Art In Kayenta brings artists from around the nation to Kayenta Art Village.  Good food and entertainment plus a beer and wine garden round out this three day event.


    November 18th:  Guitarist David Andersen.


    December 3rd: The St. George Chamber Singers will perform at the Veterans Home of Southern Utah.


    Recent Events:

    Poetry Under the Stars VI: It looked as though Mother Nature was shining on us as Poetry Under the Stars got underway; not so.  As the skies darkened and the wind howled, we asked those attending to pick up their chairs and move to the Room For Thought.  Not exactly under the stars, but the night still was profound.  Area poets wowed the audience with their performances of their personal, sometimes funny often touching, poetry.


    The Summer Chamber Concert Series: The Summer Chamber Concerts wrapped up on Sunday June 5th, featuring the music of Joseph Hummel, Paul Hindemith, Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Arnold Schoenberg. Though personally arrested by the vivid, compelling performances of the talented musicians, at times it was difficult to tell who was enjoying themselves more, the audience or the performers. Between the beautiful phrasing and penetrating articulation, the ensemble demonstrated a style that would suggest they had been playing together for years. Thank you to everyone who played a part in this spectacular evening.



    Director’s Chair:

    From Roger Head - Capital Campaign Committee member, Business Plan creator, donor, supporter.


    When we searched for our ideal location to retire in, we found that homeowner fees were a major factor in the financial equation.  Every community we investigated had clubhouses, restaurants, landscaping maintenance, etc. that were only made possible because of the huge homeowner dues that subsidized them.  Then we found Kayenta.

    Kayenta’s business model is that if it doesn’t make sense financially, it doesn’t get built.  That’s why we have a swimming pool, tennis courts and a pickle ball court all paid for by the users; a successful gourmet restaurant; art galleries and boutique shops that operate successfully on their own, and now a performing arts center that will serve as a community location for family reunions, conventions, festivals, and, of course, high end and diverse entertainment.

    When I learned of KAF’s plan for an Arts Center 3 years ago I had two major questions.  Is it really needed in the local community? And can it be financially built and managed successfully? My answer to the first question came quickly.  Kayenta desperately needs a community center and developing one that has the ability to offer quality performances is a unique and creative way of providing it.  My answer to the second question was more difficult and as a way of finding the answer, I offered to prepare a Business Plan for the Center.  It took a lot of research and it ultimately included a review of the artistic needs of all of Washington County.  But after doing the research I became convinced that this facility would not only operate successfully but had the potential of becoming a Center of pride for the entire Kayenta community.

    The Performing Arts Center is perhaps the largest community project ever taken on in Kayenta.  The project cost is well over $2 million.  It’s not being built with special assessments or greater homeowner fees.  It’s moving forward because of the number of residents who have stepped forward to endorse Kayenta’s business model.  Pay for what we need and what will most likely add value to our community.

    And by the way, my homeowner dues was $300 this year.  Just about the monthly bill for the other communities we investigated. That adds a lot of incentive to invest in the improvements to our community.

    --Roger H.


    KAF 2016 Board of Directors ​                                          Creative Director

    John Baker                                                                          Kyle Lewis

    ​​​Kayla Koeber

    Jane Blackwell (Treasurer)

    ​Matt Marten

    Liisa Frei

    ​​​​Greg Ragland

    Donna Howell (Vice Chair)

    ​Susan Talley (Secretary)

    Judith Kapuscinski (Chair)

    Tim Terrell



    From the editor: As always we treasure your input, suggestions, concerns and ideas and hope to hear from you!  Kayla

  • APRIL 2016


    April 2016


    Our Mission: To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse

                       artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.



    “They always say time changes things but actually you have to change them yourself.”

    ~ Andy Warhol



    As we celebrate this season of growth and renewal, our focus at KAF turns to building community beyond Ivins and Kayenta.  The just celebrated Street Painting Festival welcomes a varied public to the Art Village and connects our schoolchildren with artists from faraway places.  As work on the Center for the Arts continues robustly, the Capital Campaign Committee will seek the support of businesses, institutions, government, and arts organizations throughout Southern Utah, believing our completed Center benefits all.  Creativity, diversity, inclusivity… together we have nurtured a unique, budding movement.  Now is our time to bloom.



    ​Center Stage


    Center for the Arts – the Capital Campaign Committee



    If you ever have wondered what it is like to ask folks point blank for large sums of money, we invite you to join our committee! We hear your collective he#l no!  Well actually it is quite interesting and our Committee members are having a blast!  Really.  We could not ask for a better group of dedicated individuals to be working with on this project.


    Here is what we have in the works:  To date we have raised well over one-million dollars in grassroots cash contributions.  Our goal is to raise approximately another one-million dollars in our final phase.  The campaign includes funding for construction of the building, interior furnishings and equipment such as stage lighting, sound system, risers, and theater seating. Our goal also includes funding for management, operations and programs.


    Reaching out to foundations, our committee has initiated applications with major Utah foundations that are known to fund the arts including the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation.  The Eccles funding would be a huge boost to our campaign goal – we are keeping our fingers crossed.  Additionally, we continue to reach out to individual donors and host house parties that provide a chance for us to share the progress of the construction, discuss programing ideas, provide fundraising details, and gain valuable feedback with interested individuals in a social group setting.  Great food and drink are always included!


    To share our vision with southern Utah and Nevada, we will be hosting informational events to share the vision of the Center for the Arts and KAF’s mission.  If you would like our Committee to plan an event for your community, please let us know!  If any of this or all of this piques your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.  Our community of supporters holds a wealth of knowledge and astonishing connections that will continue to move this project forward.  With your help we can reach our goals!


    Please contact us to schedule a Center for the Arts work in progress tour, share ideas or contribute (much needed, thank you) dollars!


    Matt Marten  435-668-0639




    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts


    On May 12, 2015, we finished our final set of construction drawings and documents.  Time flies - great progress has been made.  Currently, the mechanical, electrical and fire suppression subcontractors are finishing up their rough work.  The sewer has been extended to the building – that was no small task!  Next, exterior lath and plaster will be competed along with insulation and drywall.   Designs for a beautiful new plaza in front of the Center are in the works.  The plaza will complete the Center and add a new outdoor element to the art village.  Our goal is to have the building completed with Certificate of Occupancy this summer.  Once we have occupancy, we will continue the process of furnishing the 11,000 square foot building with lighting, sound and seating.  With an eye on the horizon, we are making plans for a soft opening by the end of the year.



    Center for the Arts Campaign Committee


    Honorary Co-Chairs              Ivins Mayor Chris Hart and DeAnne Hanson

    Co-Chairs                             Matt Marten and Doug Bennett

    Committee Members            Mary Bennett, Jane Blackwell, Roger Head, Donna Howell,

                                                      Kayla Koeber




    Behind the Scenes


    NEA Our Town Grant


    With the adoption of Ivins City Arts Master Plan and appointment of a City Arts Commission, KAF and Ivins City, with the help of Kayenta resident Roger Head, have resumed efforts begun in 2014 to submit an application for a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant.  The preliminary project concept is an arts “corridor” running from Tuacahn to the Center for the Arts at Kayenta.  This concept is supported by Tuacahn, Vista School, Red Mountain Resort, Kayenta Development, and Coyote Gulch Owners. This grant would benefit the entire community and is one way KAF is reaching out beyond the Kayenta community.


    Coming Attractions


    June 3rd and 5th: Two separate classical concerts with Jason Bonham on viola and members of Las Vegas Philharmonic.  Both concerts will be hosted in private homes.  Individual tickets are $35; or both concerts for $60.


    July 30th:  Poetry Under the Stars VI -- KAF is pleased again to host this evening of original poetry performed by the poets.  Proceeds of this event are split with the poets to help support their trip to the national poetry competition.


    October 7th, 8th, and 9th:  Art In Kayenta -- KAF’s annual juried art festival, Art In Kayenta brings artists from around the nation to Kayenta Art Village.  Good food and entertainment round out this three day event.


    For information & tickets please visit our Events page.  See you there!



    Recent Events:


    Block Party:  Challenged once again by Mother Nature, KAF moved the Block Party to Saturday night April 16.  With Prime Time Band rocking the Outdoor Theatre, beer and wine quenching our thirst, and Roadrunner Pizza serving up its wonderful fare a fun time was had by all.  Thanks to our 120+ guests for helping kick off our Street Painting Festival the following weekend!


    KAF Street Painting Festival:  The 2016 Street Painting Festival was FANTASTIC!  Nineteen invited artists and 13 school teams created glorious colorful works along the pathways of Kayenta Art Village, while the children's mosaic grew alongside Aimee Bonham's commissioned piece.  Donovan Fitzgerald took the People's Choice award, and Rod Peterson won for Best Representation of Theme: Rock, Stars, and Wildlife.  Eight vendors filled our stomachs, and a variety of musical performers helped feed our soul. Mother Nature certainly helped!  Pictures of the Festival and a list of the student team winners in each age category can be found on our website.


    Director’s Chair

    By John Baker, Jr.


    I don't live in Kayenta, I am a Mormon and I love Disneyland.  But I hope you keep reading in spite of this self-disclosure on my part!  I think Kayenta is a spectacular residential community and that Kayenta Arts Foundation has the potential to help Ivins become a world-class resort community. With that in mind, I would like to share a few of my thoughts about KAF from the viewpoint of someone who is a bit of an outsider.


    Our mission at KAF is to promote diversity…to me this includes all folks in Southern Utah including kids and the LDS community.  Kayenta’s demographic differs from the 70% LDS population of St. George and has a non LDS vibe which uniquely positions our organization to bridge the actual and sometimes incorrectly exaggerated cultural differences between us.  My hope is that KAF can be a catalyst to promote deeper understanding and connection between Kayenta and the larger Southern Utah community.  In this way we remain true to our vision of inclusivity and benefit to the larger community whose support we want and dearly need for our ambitious world class Center for the Arts.


    What would this look like?  Maybe for starters the Art Village could open a small, boutique ice cream shop to attract families on a regular basis.  Maybe we put on more events like last week’s Street Painting Festival where we invite schools to participate in art and educational activities.  Maybe we host an annual Southern Utah History event (e.g. on the 24th of July)… there are a million maybes to consider in addition to presenting top tier artists, musical acts and theatrical productions.  I’d just like to start the dialog.


    Thank you.



    KAF 2015 Board of Directors                                         KAF Creative Director

    John Baker                                                                        Kyle Lewis

    Jane Blackwell (Treasurer)

    Liisa Frei

    Donna Howell  (Vice Chair)

    Judith Kapuscinski  (Chair)

    Kayla Koeber

    Matt Marten

    Greg Ragland

    Susan Talley  (Secretary)

    Tim Terrell


    From the editor:

    As always we treasure your input, suggestions, concerns and ideas and hope to hear from you!  Kayla

  • FEBRUARY 2016


    February 2016


    Our Mission: To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.


    Center Stage


    My family is temperamental. Half temper. Half mental.



    This February, in lieu of celebrating one day of professed affection, we celebrate the enduring passion behind the Kayenta Arts Foundation and our ambitious Center for the Arts project. Anyone can be enthusiastic one day a year... it’s a whole other endeavor to slowly, painstakingly, sometimes frustratingly commit to enrich our community through the arts and see the project through. So this month we salute YOU who have in a million and one ways helped the cause with your vision, leadership, service and support. You have raised funds, produced shows, performed on stage, attended events, lent your homes and donated hard earned dollars, artwork and giant chunks of time. You have been cheerleaders, thoughtful critics, comics, business consultants, sages, therapists and most of all friends. “We are family” is a well-worn phrase but sometimes there is simple truth behind the cliché. Passions run deep in a family - strong feelings, great joy and a few rough times go with the territory. So we thank you for marching onward with us; for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through sleet, snow, and the darn gloom of night. If you are just joining our effort, welcome. If you’ve taken a leave of absence, we want you back. If you’ve managed to hang with us throughout, we are honored. At KAF we understand that our cast of characters will come and go, and it is the community we create together that matters most and will endure. We are more than halfway to finishing a real home for this passionate, creative, inclusive, thinking, and sometimes temperamental family. We are determined to get to the finish line. We need you - and your fiery hearts - more than ever.

    In gratitude ... the KAF Board.



    Center for the Arts – the Campaign Committee


    To the KAF family: I have worked with nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years. In comparison, your volunteers and staff have achieved a very high level of success for a relatively new and emerging organization. I am impressed by your extraordinary commitment to charitable giving in order to create a rich and diverse community. KAF is truly a gem!

    ~ Phyllis Hockett, Pathways Associates / Campaign Consultant



    Henry Ford once observed that "...if everyone is moving forward, success takes care of itself." The Center for the Arts at Kayenta is moving forward. The support of our friends, community, city, and county guarantee our success.


    We had an excellent year, and ended on a high note. In December alone our friends and neighbors contributed more than $400,000.00. Together we've raised just over $1,600,000.00. We've commissioned an Economic Benefits Study, conducted by two economists at the University of Utah, to demonstrate the positive economic impact of Kayenta to Washington County and Ivins City. Members of the Board and Campaign Committee are meeting with pubic officials and business leaders to explain the Center for the Arts and ask for their support. We're grateful to Mayor Hart and DeAnne Hanson for their leadership in this effort. Friends of KAF are hosting house parties to explain the new Center and generate further support.

    Please join us. We're getting closer every day.

    ~ Doug Bennett, Campaign Committee Co-Chair




    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts


    The construction of the Center continues to move forward smoothly, but not without an immense amount of committed effort from all of those involved. The steel and wood framing are complete, and the membrane roof has been installed. Roof drains, pipe, ductwork and wiring are being put into place. With construction costs reaching a high in the region, the tireless effort that Terry Marten has put forth to maintain the quality of the building while maintaining the budget has been a monumental task. We are sure you have read about projects such as these exceeding their projected budgets, but Terry is making sure that the value for our money is being maximized. Each day through completion of the project, we strive to meet our budget and fundraising goals. A great deal is happening behind our exterior walls. If you would like a tour of the Center, please contact any member of KAF’s Board.



    Center for the Arts – the Bottom Line


    We’ve raised 1.6 million of the 2.7 million needed to build, furnish, equip and SUSTAIN the Center for its first two years. This involved an amazing number of generous hearts and a full list of our Family of Supporters will be available shortly on our website.


    Doing the math, we must raise 150k per month for each of the next 7 months for a late fall Grand Opening of the Center for the Arts. Please tell anyone and everyone you know about this wonderful project and thanks for sharing the love!



    Center for the Arts Campaign Committee


    Honorary Co-Chairs                                     Ivins Mayor Chris Hart and DeeAnn Hanson

    Co-Chairs                                                     Matt Marten and Doug Bennett

    Committee Members                                    Mary Bennett, Jane Blackwell, Roger Head,

                                                                         Donna Howell, Kayla Koeber



    Behind The Scenes


    “Volunteers are not paid—not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.”




    More numbers. During the October 2015 Art in Kayenta Festival 96 volunteers worked 300 hours. At the April 2015 Street Painting Festival 65 volunteers worked 250 hours. Our volunteer Board relies on our volunteer army - many, many thanks.


    If you have ideas, vision and an interest in the mission we need you! Opportunities include our Center for the Arts project, the Street Painting Festival, Art In Kayenta, outreach, social events or our summer Gala Committee. Please contact ANY KAF Board or Campaign Committee member to get involved.


    Our greatest need at present is a replacement for KAF’s beloved, since (egad) 2013, Volunteer Coordinator Judy Terrell. Judy has the volunteer organizing system down and will work alongside the new Coordinator to ensure a smooth transition. Full disclosure: per Judy it can get hectic, but it’s a fairly short crazy as these projects have a beginning, middle and an end. It’s a grand way to make many new friends so please rush the stage and let’s help Judy take a well-deserved final bow? 435-817-0166.


    Ivins’ Arts Master Plan and Arts Commission: The Ivins City Council has adopted an Arts Master Plan and on Dec. 17th approved a seven member Arts Commission charged with its implementation. KAF is proud to announce Judith Kapuscinski and Matt Marten were appointed to represent KAF and arts- related businesses, respectively, on the Arts Commission.



    ArtPlace America’s National Creative Placemaking Fund: Directors Tim Terrell and Judith Kapuscinski attended an introductory workshop on the National Creative Placemaking Fund. Grants are available for “community planning and development projects that leverage art and culture to create place-based change.” Due to the nature of this grant, KAF is working with the City of Ivins leadership and Arts Council to identify community projects that could be addressed through the arts. KAF will submit an application for funding to outfit the new Center as a community resource for artistic and educational endeavors, adding to Ivins reputation as a resort destination and increasing City revenues.



    Washington County RAP: Great news! KAF received a $10,000 award from the County to be used for the new Center and programming. With 42 applicants not all entities received funding, and we appreciate the growing support of the County and the greater Southern Utah area.



    Coming Attractions


    March 21st 7:00 Bach Cello Concert: Celebrate Bach’s birthday with cellist Daniel Gaisford (of last year’s Rosin concert) and birthday cake. This fundraising event will be hosted in a private home; advance sale tickets only. Admission $30.


    April 15th 5:30-9:00 Block Party: Dance to the music of Prime Time, eat Roadrunner pizza, and enjoy liquid refreshments as we kick-off the Street Painting Festival the following weekend. This is a 21 and over event, picture ID required. Admission: $5.00. (Rain date April 16th)


    April 23rd and 24th Street Painting Festival:10-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. Calling all volunteers! Sign-ups for the Street Painting Festival April 23rd and 24th will be available starting mid-March on SignUp Genius via our website.


    June 3rd and 5th Two separate classical concerts: with Jason Bonham on viola and members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Both concerts will be hosted in private homes. Individual tickets are $35; or both concerts for $60.


    July (date TBD) Poetry Under the Stars VI


    October 9th-11th Art In Kayenta



    Recent Events

    KAF presented “An Evening with Dr. James M. Aton” on Wednesday, February 25th. Guests enjoyed a wonderful discussion by Dr. Aton on renowned landscape artist Jim Jones through stories and pictures.



    KAF 2015 Board of Directors

    John Baker

    Jane Blackwell (Treasurer)

    Liisa Frei

    Donna Howell (Vice Chair)

    Judith Kapuscinski (Chair)

    Kayla Koeber

    Matt Marten

    Greg Ragland

    Susan Talley (Secretary) Tim Terrell



    KAF Creative Director

    Kyle Lewis



    From the editor:

    As always we treasure your input, suggestions, concerns and ideas and hope to hear from you! Kayla


    Be A Part Of The Art!

  • DECEMBER 2015


    December 2015


    Our Mission:  To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes.



    Center Stage


    Cap Campaign – Phase 2

    We are writing today with great enthusiasm and excitement about the future of KAF!  In the past few weeks, we have received donations and pledges to the Capital Campaign totaling $192,500!   We thank each of these donors and appreciate gifts of all sizes.  Among the recent donors, are Judy and Tim Terrell who provided the largest gift, $100,000, on top of their previous generous donations and their tireless efforts on behalf of KAF.  We share the Terrell’s hope that their latest gift will inspire all of you to make a special gift before year’s end that will move us toward our Fall, 2016, opening of the Center for the Arts.


    One never raises money for a building, per se. One raises money for what will happen in and around the building. This is why the Catalyst Committee of the Capital Campaign is so dedicated. With the addition of Mayor Chris Hart and Kayenta resident DeAnne Hanson as our Honorary Co-Chairs, the team is complete.  The prospect of what is yet to come is very exciting!! Year-end is a wonderful, and sometimes personally beneficial, time to give, whether for tax purposes or for your heightened sense of generosity.


    We have naming opportunities whether you give one large gift, several small, or make a pledge to pay over time. We’d be happy to talk with you about naming the lobby, the set construction shop, a rehearsal space, or other vital parts of the Center. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Co-Chairs of the Catalyst Committee or any member of the Board of Directors; you can reach any of these persons through the KAF number 435-674-2787. Consider talking with your financial advisor about what might be possible and advantageous while giving to KAF this month.


    A gift of the magnitude of the Terrell’s is an extraordinary demonstration of commitment and passion for KAF and the new Center for the Arts.  We hope you are inspired.  If you have given, consider giving again. If you have not yet supported the CFA, now is a wonderful time to Be A Part Of The Art!


    To all of you, thank you and happy holidays! To Tim and Judy, our hearts our moved by your extraordinary generosity.



    Thoughts on Giving


    “Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it is a comfort to go hand in hand.”

     ~ Emily Kimbrough


    KAF believes that giving is less about bestowing, gifting or a one-way street from “have’s” to “have-nots,” but simply more about sharing.  It’s about understanding that we all are connected, that our lives are infinitely richer when we participate in the common good; and that we all have something to offer… whether it’s money, time, kindness, creativity, humor, passion…to each other and our society.


    As we reach out to our donors, we find a common thread.  Yes, everyone wants a home for diverse, meaningful arts in Southern Utah.  But at a deeper level, we find you seek community most of all and have supported us because you wish, ultimately, to find your way “home” here in southern Utah.


    At a recent meeting, one of our Directors said “we find our humanity in the arts”.  In this era of less talking, more texting;  less introspection, more sound bites; less tolerance, more anger; embracing our collective humanity seems more critical than ever.  So this holiday season, we thank you for remembering what matters most in this life – each other - and walking, hand in hand, with us.


    Ways to Give

              By Check:

    Please make checks payable to Kayenta Arts Foundation, note “Building Fund” in the memo section of your check, and mail it to the below address.  Upon receipt, you will receive an acknowledgement letter and be added to our contact list (if not already included) for future event notifications, unless you request otherwise.


              By Credit Card:

    Credit card donations easily can be processed at  Please go to our HOME page and simply click on the DONATE button.  You will then be able to make an on-line donation.  Upon receipt of your credit card donation you will receive an acknowledgment letter and be added to our contact list (if not already included) for future event notifications, unless you request otherwise.


              For Stock and Asset Donations or for Pledges over time: [1]

    Contact:  KAF Director, Kayla Koeber:

    Contact: KAF Treasurer, Jane Blackwell:


    [1] Directors are able to assist with the process for making such donations to KAF, but will not provide financial or investment advice.



    When to Give

    Now!  (and when your tax advisor tells you it makes sense, typically before year end).


    Center for the Arts – the Nuts and Bolts

    Since the exterior walls went up, it has been difficult to see the progress on the interior portions of the building, but there is a lot going on in there!   Here’s what is going on inside:  Last month the steel trusses were lifted into position.  Heating, cooling, and ventilation ducting has been installed, and the roof decking has been craned into place.  We now have a lid over the entire 11,000 square feet!  What’s next?  The roof membrane will be installed along with some windows and the exterior stucco.  At that point, we will have a building that will be safe from the elements as we continue to raise funds for its completion.  Let’s not let the momentum we have worked so hard to achieve come to a halt due to lack of cash flow.  Be A Part Of The Art!


    The building is taking shape!  Let one of the Directors know if you would like a tour of the site.  We suggest a scheduled guided tour in order to maintain your safety and the safety of the construction crews.



    Behind the Scenes


    Art Chat from Kyle Lewis

    I am grateful for the opportunity to have met many of you who have been major supporters and audience members for past KAF productions. You not only are the past, but the present, and future of the arts in Southern Utah. It is your interests and involvement that will help shape the entertainment that we continue to provide. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and interests. I agree wholeheartedly, we need performances for adults. We need more musical performances, more dance, more art, and more theatre, but each performance must honor the aesthetic and style of this community.


    I’ve learned that there are three major components to any performance: audience, performer, and space.  Each of these changes the relationship to the other two. But audience and performer are only two pieces of the puzzle. It’s time to place our focus on space. A beautiful Center is being built; one that reflects the community in which it is located. Our chat helped to identify the types of performances for that space.


    Thank you for spending a Saturday evening with me. Thank you for introducing yourselves and for sharing. And to those who were not in attendance, please contact me and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. The future is filled with nothing but possibility. Together we can change the artistic landscape of Southern Utah. Let’s get to it!



    More on RAP

    We previously reported on KAF’s receipt of RAP (recreation, arts, and parks tax) funds from Ivins City.  We await a decision from Washington County on our request for County RAP funds.  We requested $225,000, but unofficial word is that the County only will have $150,000 available, but has received forty-two applications requesting an aggregate of one million dollars. We are hopeful the County will fund KAF, but the amount is anyone’s guess.  On December 1st, we submitted a request for RAP funds to Santa Clara.  This request was to before the Santa Clara City Council on December 9th.  On December 8th, Santa Clara informed us that the City Council has postponed all further decisions on RAP funding until March.



    2016 Board of Directors

    We had our Annual Meeting on December 8th.  We are pleased to announce that election of Directors resulted in Liisa Frei, Greg Ragland, and Susan Talley joining us in January, with Jane Blackwell and Kayla Koeber returning for new terms. John Baker, Donna Howell, Judith Kapuscinski, Matt Marten, and Tim Terrell will continue their current terms. Officers for 2016 are Judith as Chair, Donna as Vice Chair, Jane as Treasurer, and Susan as Secretary.


    Judy Terrell, our tireless Volunteer Coordinator, member of the Street Painting Festival Oversight Committee, and all around “worker bee” retired from the Board.  We will miss her contributions at Board meetings, and look forward to working with her in her other capacities.



    Director’s Chair:  a note from Jane Blackwell


    Each day when I awake my heart opens to the ancient and auspicious Red Rocks that surround our Kayenta Community. Our sacred desert offers a calm strength that inspires me to live life fully with appreciation and joy. What a fabulous space to celebrate this season of joy and giving! I reflect on an ancient Sanskrit word: SEVA. Seva translates as "selfless service", giving of one's self without ego. Giving of one's time, one's resources to others, to our beautiful community, is the meaning of this season of giving with an open heart.


    KAF 2015 Board of Directors


    John Baker                                                                        Kayla Koeber

    Jane Blackwell (Treasurer)                                               Matt Marten

    Donna Howell (Vice-Chair)                                               Judy Terrell

    Judith Kapuscinski (Chair)                                                Tim Terrell (Secretary)


    KAF Creative Director


    Kyle Lewis


    As always, we love to hear from you.   Here’s to a wonderful New Year!

    (And may a completed Center for the Arts be a part of it.)



    Be A Part Of The Art!

  • NOVEMBER 2015


    We could not be more excited about our new Creative Director, Kyle Lewis.  Kyle has over 25 years of theatre experience and has directed over 100 productions. His projects have included everything from full-scale musicals (The Pirates of Penzance, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors), to Shakespeare (Hamlet, Richard III, Measure for Measure), to conceptually challenging productions (Ubu Roi, The Elephant Man, Macbeth), to working with playwrights on new works (In the Penal Colony, Am:I, Mesa Verde), to devised productions (Broken Verses, The Miranda Project, Dreaming Darwin), and self-written/co-created work (Intransitu, Condenser Dynamics: Bound/Unbound, Amukis). He was recognized in 2011 by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for "Meritorious Achievement in Directing" for his direction of In the Penal Colony. Kyle completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from Weber State University in Theatre Education (1996) and his Master of Fine Arts Directing degree from Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (2011), where he both taught and directed. He is a member of both Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and Actors' Equity Association. He has worked with Anne Bogart and SITI Company, One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre (Canada), and is alum of Lincoln Center Directors Lab West. Kyle's interest in secondary education has led him to serve as the State Coordinator of Theatre for Utah High School Activities Association and as the President of Utah Theatre Association. He is a founding board member of The Salt City Artists' League and Theatre Arts Conservatory (and has been Creative Director for Theatre Arts Conservatory since its inception in 2004). He has also served as Artistic Director for the University of Utah's Salt Lake Shakespeare.   Kyle currently teaches theatre at Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts and will work with KAF on a part-time basis for the immediate future.  We think you will be as impressed with Kyle as we are.  We are planning opportunities for you to meet Kyle and offer your thoughts on making the new Center a success, so please keep an eye out for announcements of dates and times.


    RAP Funding:   KAF has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ivins City for receipt of RAP (recreation, arts, and parks) funding (for more information on this see In the News for August). The City Council approved funding to KAF for 10 years.  Under this MOU, the first year amount will be $3,000. In years 2-10, the amount will be not less than $3,000 nor more than $10,000.   These funds will be used at KAF’s discretion for the Center for the Arts and programming. We are very appreciative of the support shown KAF by the City Council.

    RAP funding also is available from Washington County through a competitive process.  KAF has requested $225,000 from the County.  Awards are due to be announced in December.


    Ivins City Arts Master Plan:  Ivins City Council has adopted an Arts Master Plan (AMP) to be incorporated into the City’s General Plan. KAF Directors Judith Kapuscinski and Matt Marten served on the Steering Committee charged with drafting the Plan.  This action by the City Council indicates Ivins’ commitment to the arts and to public art in particular.  The AMP will be implemented by an Arts Commission.

  • OCTOBER 2015


    OCTOBER 2015 - Art in Kayenta Festival




    The 16th Annual Art in Kayenta Festival was held October 9-11, 2015. We had three days of sunshine and beautiful fall weather. A festival such as this doesn't just happen. It takes many hours by many people, most of them volunteers, to bring it all together. The festival committee, consisting of Matt Marten, Susan Jager, Kathi Fox, Donna Howell, Jim Keeley, and Tami Hlavka worked tirelessly for six months planning the festival. Bobby Edwards organized the beer and wine garden and Lisa Zumpft put together a marvelous group of musicians to provide live entertainment for the festival. Jim Keeley and his staff, especially Taylor and Juan, provided excellent logistical support for the festival.




    There were more than 80 festival volunteers who put in more than 300 hours. You probably saw many of them providing information and logistical support for festival guests and support for the artists. They manned the welcome tents, silent auction, Art in the Moment, beer and wine garden, and shuttles. They provided water and snacks for the artists and fellow volunteers. Many more worked behind the scenes preparing the venue,registering artists and returning the village to its pre-festival condition.




    The festival included a Silent Auction where items were donated by the artists and the Art in the Moment event, featuring 11 select artists. Proceeds from both of these benefit the building fund for the Center for the Arts.




    Kayenta Arts Foundation wishes to express its appreciation for all who worked so diligently to bring this event to our community. A huge THANK YOU to all!

  • AUGUST 2015


    RAP Funding: At the July 16th Ivins City Council meeting, the Council amended and passed proposed Resolution 2015-03R establishing the formula and process by which it will distribute RAP tax funds.  The RAP tax is a percentage of Washington County sales tax that will be distributed to County cities for funding recreation, arts, and parks (hence, RAP).  Ivins has not yet published the final Resolution 2015-03R, but from the meeting, the Resolution will provide the following.  Ivins will take $5,000 off the top of RAP revenues for a reserve fund which, if not needed to fund a commitment the City has made, will be available for future recreation, parks, and arts projects.  The remaining RAP revenue will be divided equally for recreation, arts, and parks within Ivins.  The Resolution contains two mechanisms for receiving RAP funding from the City. The first is a competitive process whereby the City will receive applications and determine which 501 (c) (3) or City project will get funded for the next year. The second mechanism is by agreement which allows an eligible entity to request RAP funding for more than one year and enter into an agreement with the City.  Unless the entity is seeking funding requiring a firm commitment of support (e.g. bond funding), the agreement will provide a means for the City to terminate the agreement (for example, if the funded entity loses its tax exempt status).  Requesting funding by agreement with the termination provision requires only that the requesting entity submit the same information that would be submitted for the competitive process (this information is delineated in the Resolution).  Additional information is required if the agreement will not have a termination provision.


    At the July 28th KAF Board meeting, the Directors decided to seek funding, by agreement with a termination provision, for the Center for the Arts and programming.  Stay tuned. . .

  • JUNE 2015


    Thursday, June 12th, Kayenta Arts Foundation Directors welcomed approximately seventy-five persons to On the Foundation.  Attendees were able to walk the floor of the Center for the Arts and visualize the layout.  Board members Matt Marten and Kayla Koeber provided a history of the arts in Kayenta and described the layout, function, and size of the new building.

  • MAY 2015


    Utah Division of Arts and Museums has awarded Kayenta Arts Foundation a $1,000 Sustainability Grant.  This is the second year KAF has received funds under this competitive grant program.

  • APRIL 2015


    The fifth annual Kayenta Arts Foundation Street Painting Festival was held April 24-25, though Mother Nature tried to turn it into a Watercolor Festival. There were two exciting new additions to this year’s event. Aimee Bonham created a spectacular 3-D  painting.  Anat Ronen did the first vertical painting, a delightful image of a Gila Monster on the wall outside the Outdoor Theater.  These were both done with paint, rather than chalk, thus allowing us to enjoy them much longer. Donovan Fitzgerald was selected as the People’s Choice. How does he turn the asphalt into a delicate, graceful rendition of classical art? Two groups of people make this festival one to be enjoyed year after year.  The first group is the intrepid artists, nineteen this year and 10 student teams. They kept their chins up, huddled under tarps and once again graced the Village with incredible works of art. The second group is the volunteers, equally intrepid, in their support of the event. Thanks to all for being “A Part of the Art”.

  • APRIL 2015




    Yes, the walls of the new Center for the Arts at Kayenta are going up!


    There has been considerable progress on construction of the Arts Center since the last issue of The Newsflash.  The final plans were approved by Ivins City in March 2015.


881 Coyote Gulch Court, Ivins, UT 84738

(435) 674-ARTS (2787)

Be A Part Of The Art!