2016 Chair’s Annual Report

Accepted by KAF Board of Directors 01/24/17




To be the premier venue in the greater southern Utah area for awareness, appreciation, education, and enjoyment of diverse artistic endeavors




To develop and create an environment that fosters diverse artistic endeavors for educational and enrichment purposes


What a year it has been! At the start, the new Center for the Arts was a hole in the ground. It now awaits its Certificate of Occupancy. KAF has presented its two major festivals, nine performances of David Mamet’s Oleanna, Poetry Under the Stars VI, and five classical concerts.  KAF’s Directors worked diligently to assure KAF continued to meet its obligations, foster its Mission, and make strides towards its Vision.  None of which could have been accomplished without the tremendous support from its donors, volunteers, and staff.


As a young and growing organization, KAF is not yet in a position to hire full-time staff.  In 2016, KAF did have contracts with several individuals who were integral to the success realized.


Carol Golichnik was engaged by KAF in the fall of 2016.  As KAF”s bookkeeper, Carol works with KAF’s Treasurer to assure consistency in entries, timely donation acknowledgements, and reports on all accounts.


Daines Goodwin, and Company, P.C. provides an annual review of KAF’s financials and prepares KAF’s IRS Form 990.  Chet Goodwin and his staff are available to KAF during the year to address any accounting questions.


Phyllis Hockett of Pathway Associates in Salt Lake City was KAF’s fundraising consultant for a few months this year. Phyllis guided KAF’s Capital Campaign Committee in its early days.


Tami Hvlaka served as Artist Liaison for Art In Kayenta.  In this position, she maintained communications with participating artists, established artists’ booth locations, and organized the silent auction.


Jim Keeley, Logistics Coordinator, manages aspects of each of the festivals and events such as parking, set-up, and maintenance.   Jim supervises per diem workers during each of the festivals.


Kyle Lewis joined KAF in November, 2015, as its Creative Director.  During 2016 he vetted performers, arranged events, served as graphic artist, and more.  Sadly, Kyle resigned this position in September.


Marchelle Lundquist has been KAF’s webmaster since 2015.  Engaged while still in high school, Marchelle now attends Columbia University and continues to manage KAF’s website, e-mail list, and various communications.


Robert Short lives in Hurricane and is KAF’s audio technician for the musicians during Art In Kayenta, the Street Painting Festival, and smaller events.  Rob’s technical expertise has guided KAF’s purchase of equipment used to date and appropriate for the new Center for the Arts at Kayenta.


Several other persons who work on specific tasks either pro bono or at discounted rates round out KAF’s “staff” and deserve mention.  Holly Ragland provides her graphic design services; Kathi Fox assists with marketing and social media; and Roger Head and Doug and Mary Bennett serve as non-Director members of the Capital Campaign Committee. Former Director Cheryl Collins continues to manage the Desert Rose Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden along with Treasurer Jane Blackwell and a non-Director committee.


To all the above, thank you.


As of this report, KAF again will end its fiscal year in the black.  Donations to KAF totaled $628,075 in 2016. Most events broke even or made a small profit. Financial details are included in the fiscal year-end Treasurer’s report and KAF’s Annual Financial Statements.


Goal 1:  KAF is a viable source of funding and in-kind support for visual and performing arts.

To write at least three grants.   This objective will be met.  As of this writing, KAF has requested RAP funding from Washington County, and grant applications will be submitted to the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and the Beesley Family Foundation. Decisions from the County and the Sorenson and Beasley foundations are expected during the first quarter of 2017.  KAF was not required to submit a proposal to Ivins City for RAP funding, since it entered a ten year agreement with the City in 2015.  KAF did submit an annual report to the City with a request for the maximum annual funding of $10,000.   On November 17th, the City again awarded $3,000 for 2017, but kept open the possibility of additional funding in December.  KAF also received 2015 RAP funds from the City of Santa Clara, but its City Council is not accepting applications for 2016 funds until April.


To organize volunteer staff and clarify roles of Event Coordinators and Volunteer Coordinator. Progress continues on this objective.  KAF relies heavily on volunteers for each of its productions.  For example, 64 individuals filled 121 volunteer slots, working a total of 224 hours during Art In Kayenta. Former Director Judy Terrell worked with new Volunteer Coordinator Ben Booth to improve KAF’s use of the on-line program Sign-in Genius. With this program, KAF has seen an increase in volunteers from Kayenta and from outside the Kayenta community, while lessening the burden on the Volunteer Coordinator. KAF again held a volunteer orientations and thank you parties before the Street Painting Festival and Art In Kayenta. While enjoying good food and drink, members of the Oversight Committees for each event reviewed the responsibilities of each volunteer task.  This resulted in greater efficiency during the festivals.


To participate in at least 3 meetings/trainings with arts and other organizations and business to further our mission, including developing sponsorships for KAF events.  This objective has been exceeded.  The intent of this objective is for KAF to actively participate in its target geographic area, i.e. greater southern Utah and nearby Arizona and Nevada, as a means to expand its support and meet its mission. To this end, KAF now is a proud member of the St. George and Mesquite Chambers of Commerce.  In addition to Chamber lunches, KAF Directors attended training and/or informational sessions sponsored by Utah Nonprofits Association, Utah Division of Arts and Museum, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


During 2016, KAF met with art and theatre representatives of Dixie State University, Tuacahn Amphitheatre, Westminster College, Plan B Theatre in Salt Lake City, and Southern Utah University to discuss the design and operations of the Center for the Arts.  KAF gained valuable consultation from these persons and introduced a broader audience to the potential of the Center.


Another way KAF reaches out to its geographic area is through Arts Chats whereby KAF shares its mission and programs and solicits input from the broader community. KAF Directors facilitated Arts Chats in Kayenta and at SunRiver and Bloomington Country Club.


KAF is proud that two of its Directors were appointed to the Ivins City Arts Commission by Ivins City Mayor, Chris Hart.  Tuacahn Amphitheatre, Tuacahn High School, Vista School, and Kayenta Art Village are the other organizations represented on the Commission. The Arts Commission provides KAF with an opportunity to work collaboratively with these other entities toward the goal of Living Artfully in Ivins.


To have 100% Director financial contributions to KAF. As in past years, the individuals serving on KAF’s Board of Directors have given generously of their time.  Each also has donated to KAF’s financial well-being.   This again is true for 2016.


To attain annual break-even or net profit in general operations.  As of this writing, it appears this objective will be met.  KAF again will end the year in the black.


To maintain and grow the Reserve Fund.  This objective has been met, as we have grown the Reserve Fund established in 2014. As of today, the Reserve Fund holds $31,325 to be used only for emergency situations as determined by the Board.


Goal 2: The Kayenta community is offered a range of visual and performing arts reflecting multicultural diversity.


To schedule at least 4 events. This objective has been exceeded.  KAF offered the community five classical concerts, Poetry Under the Stars VI, nine performances of David Mamet’s Oleanna, a Block Party and two performances by the St. George Chamber Singers at the Veterans Home of Southern Utah.  All this plus the two-day Street Painting Festival and the three-day Art In Kayenta.


To be involved in at least 3 arts oriented workshops or other educational programs targeted to School-age residents of the greater southern Utah area.  This objective was met.  Three area schools participated in KAF sponsored workshops on the history and process of chalk art.  KAF sponsored a similar workshop at the St. George Public Library.


To explore potential partnerships with local university or schools to expand student knowledge and experience in stage design, lighting, sound, etc. and help to staff KAF events.  This objective has been met.  In 2016, KAF engaged a local high school student as stage manager for its production of Oleanna, offering her experience and providing KAF with needed assistance.  Also in furtherance of this objective, KAF Director Donna Howell met with Robert Schmidt, coordinator of arts education for the Washington County School District, to discuss how KAF could work with the District to enhance the Districts’ arts education for low-income and/or minority students.  The results of these meetings will constitute the basis for a grant application to the Beesley Family Foundation.


Goal 3:  A Kayenta Center for the Arts/Theatre is completed, appropriately equipped and maintained, and is a source of revenue for KAF.


To add to KAF’s available equipment such as sound, lighting, seating, etc. for immediate and Long-term purposes.  This objective has been partially met. With the assistance of audio technician Robert Short, KAF added to its sound equipment for use during 2016 and in the new Center. Acquisitions of additional equipment are part of Center for the Arts construction Phase IV.


To undertake a capital campaign to raise funds to complete and provide first year

maintenance of the Center. This objective has been met in so far as KAF’s Capital Campaign ended December 31, 2016, bringing the Center to a Certificate of Occupancy. This objective has not been met in that funds raised to date are insufficient to fully outfit the Center for the Arts and provide for its maintenance and programming.   An Outfitting Campaign now is underway.


Goal 4:  The Desert Rose Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden is maintained as a safe and serene public area for meditation and appropriate events.


To coordinate and oversee all maintenance of the Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden.  This

objective has been met. KAF continues its oversight and maintenance of the Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden via a volunteer committee headed by former KAF Director Cheryl Collins with assistance from KAF Director Jane Blackwell.  In 2016, the Kayenta Arboretum received public funding to expand the desert garden in the Village and connect it to the Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden.  KAF supported this effort with funds from its restricted Labyrinth account.


To update/develop written materials about the Labyrinth within general KAF material

and/or materials specific to the Labyrinth.  This objective has not been met.




As Kayenta Arts Foundation approaches its sixth birthday, everyone involved from the early days to now, whether Director, donor, volunteer, or staff should feel proud.  The progress toward KAF’s objectives and the sight of the new Center for the Arts at Kayenta demonstrate these efforts, exhausting as they may have been, have made 2016 a very good year.



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