Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Facility Manager


Kayenta Arts Foundation is seeking an experienced individual to serve under contract as Facility Manager for its new Center for the Arts at Kayenta (“CFA”).  This position will be responsible for the Center’s building and grounds operations and maintenance, will oversee the Center’s various operating systems, develop and manage facility operations and maintenance processes and assist KAF’s Board with development of policies and procedures,  staffing and budgeting related to these operations and processes.


Job Type:  Part Time, Contractual; Compensation:  Commensurate with Training and Experience




Located in the desert community of Kayenta in Ivins, Utah, the CFA is a new venue due to open in early 2017.  A 10,831 s.f. building, the CFA houses a 3,000 s.f. black box theatre, a studio, box office, catering/workshop area, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and audio-visual balcony.   The CFA is designed to be a multi-purpose venue housing KAF events, providing rehearsal and performance space for area artists, and also rentable space for business, government, and family events.  KAF’s Mission is to develop and create an environment that fosters diverse artistic endeavors for education and enrichment purposes.  Sound maintenance and scheduling of the CFA is vital to this Mission.




Reporting to KAF’s Board of Directors, the Facility Manager will be responsible for overseeing all facility operations and maintenance.  This includes management of central operating systems, monitoring and management of complex external and interior lighting systems, and assuring the CFA is appropriately maintained for the variety of events and performances to be scheduled. The Facility Manager will be expected to be on site as needed for events and to assure routine maintenance, including cleaning, of the CFA.  The successful candidate will be able to adapt his/ her schedule over a 7-day week as necessary to the events scheduled within the CFA.  The Facility Manager will be required to respond in real time to the evolving nature of the operating a new venue.




 • Oversight and maintenance of CFA systems

 • General cleaning of CFA and maintenance of overall CFA appearance;

 • Coordination of facility operations with show and program development;

 • Coordination with members of KAF’s Board, other employed or contract staff as needed.


These and other responsibilities may be accomplished with the support of employed or contract staff as authorized by KAF’s Board.




 • Making appropriate recommendations for procedural changes or changes in the type/size or application of the proposed facility equipment and systems, taking into consideration emerging technologies and cost;

 • Overseeing the CFA’s mechanical systems and monitoring their use for efficiency.

 • Coordinating and participating in the drafting of appropriate policies, procedures and protocols to ensure the smooth operation of the CFA;

 • Ensuring proper use of various types of equipment, making operator and audience safety a first priority, overseeing the proper install and maintenance of equipment and facilities, and providing exceptional customer service to users;

 • Maintain communications with designated Board members and make reports to the Board as requested.




 • Ensuring the technical operations and resource management needed to manage  CFA as a premier venue;

 • Ensuring the CFA complies with all fire, health, safety, and security requirements of law and/or KAF policy;

 • Identifying and working with area companies/individuals able to assist with emergent or extraordinary engineering, maintenance, or operational issues.

 • Establishing and supervising operational systems for the facility, including safety procedures, technician training, and shop usage procedures;

 • Participating, as requested, in the negotiation of all service contracts for facility maintenance and other facility operations;

 • Participating in the annual budget preparation, obtaining multiple quotes for expenditures, and working within an approved budget;

 • Assisting/overseeing set up of CFA for all scheduled events;

 • Moving equipment, setting up tables, chairs and other furniture; moving and setting up risers and audience seating, sound equipment, projection equipment and theater lighting;

 • Locking and unlocking the building as needed;

 • Ensuring the highest level of quality experience for CFA’s patrons, especially with respect to the Center and its physical structure and professionalism of facility staff;

 • Other responsibilities as assigned.




 • Proven knowledge of and experience in facility management principles and their application for the operation and maintenance of water heaters, air conditioning and ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical, security, audio mechanical systems, and building emergency systems.

 • Experience managing a performing arts center or similar venue, including oversight of operations and maintenance procedures, engineering, customer service, and commissioning or re-commissioning of systems.  Experience opening a new or renovated performing arts venue helpful.

 • Ability to identify potential problems and initiate corrective measures so as to maximize CFA systems to extend the life of the facility;

 • Demonstrated ability to work with a variety of individuals and businesses to foster timely, cost effective performance of all tasks.



 • Current drivers license

 • Other licenses or certificates needed for this position as required by law.




 • be a good listener and organizer; comfortable receiving input from many sources, and able to analyze and act expeditiously in response to immediate needs and in well organized and calm manner;

 • have demonstrated ability to deal with ambiguous and uncertain situations and take positive actions to ensure the best quality operation is delivered daily;

 • be a hard worker with a high energy level; a “doer” with a willingness to work hands-on in developing and executing a variety of activities; and

 • be able to adjust his/her work schedule to accommodate the activities of the CFA.



Send cover letter with resume to:


Judith Kapuscinski, Chair

Kayenta Arts Foundation

800 Kayenta Parkway

Ivins, UT  84738


For more information please contact Donna Howell at: or 970-819-4462

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800 Kayenta Parkway, Ivins, UT 84738

(435) 674-ARTS (2787)